Innovation is more expensive to sell when the company lacks clarity on

  • Ideal target customer attributes
  • Value proposition per target customer
  • Effective marketing message
  • Effective lead generation strategy
  • Competitors/alternatives
  • Current institutional knowledge base
  • Buyer’s decision criteria
  • Required salesperson skill, experience
  • Alignment between marketing and sales

The customer often lacks understanding

  •  If they have the problem and urgency to solve it
  • Little to no experience buying the solution
  • Internal buying process has not be used for this type of purchase
  • Advocate takes longer to make the internal sale
  • Unclear who is a good referral for the salesperson

An effective marketing structure reduces the cost to sell innovation

  • Greater on paper clarity of the ideal target customer profile 
  • Company’s value proposition is accurately defined by customer profile 
  • Marketing message focused on the customer’s value, pressure to act 
  • Customers better equipped to make introductions 
  • Qualified prospects will more often contact the company
  • The sales team has better tools to educate the prospect
  • Only qualified prospects are advanced by the sales team 
  • The prospect has what they need to make the ‘internal sale’ 
  • Customer experience and sales team feedback improves the marketing team work
  • New categories and services can be tested in systematic process