Client Outcomes

My work style is to build the backend Sales Model that frees up my client to focus on the team and revenue growth. 


$5.5M SaaS
VC invested capital.
Leadership team developed DMS' internal capability to scale business.

iZtek Work
Modeled Sell Team’s ‘best day’
Internal adjustments to fit the Team to the Sales Model
Built Lead Gen. Playbook for the Sell team

1st year results

  • MQP increased 85%
  • YOY ARR growth increased from 30% - 64%
  • Sales Cost reduced 45% 

$3.5M SaaS
Founder unable to scale the sales team or MQLs. 

iZtek Work
Defined target customer profiles
Built lead gen. and sales team Playbook: department structure, management, process, qualifying criteria,
Oversaw lead gen. / sales management hiring, onboarding

2 Year Results
Revenue grew 30% YOY while founder twice rebuilt sales team

“If I had hired you two years ago I would have doubled the business by now.” 
EnableSoft CEO
Richard Milam


Digital Marketing Firm. 

iZtek Work
Defined value proposition by Target Customer profile [3] Built Dept. Structure: process, metrics, channels Deployed Lead Gen. Playbook within NerdyMind

1st Year Results
YOY revenue twice previous rate
Sales Cost remained the same


Offshore technical services, 350 employees
Founder challenged to scale sales team or MQLs

Creative Chaos is an off shore technical services company, product is 3rd party overseas software development. Co-founders had hired/fired several US based salespeople. In 2016 co-founders moved to the US from Pakistan, failure of US based sales teams would no longer be allowed to hold back the company's growth.

Revenue growth stalled at 350 employees, to grow the founders needed to figure out sales management.  Fortune500 software development is highly competitive commodity, revenue growth potential is scale up and expansion stage companies. If Creative Chaos can figure out how sell in the $3-20M ARR software development niche they can grow a global business. 

Sales team growth and effective sales management were top obstacles to YOY revenue growth. The co-founders were at their span of control to hire/manage sales. More time/effort on their part would not fix the problem. The positive is that the hurdles faced were standard issues, nothing specific to the leadership or industry.

We invested 6 months into developing their Sales Model: dept. structure, marketplace opportunity, ideal customer profiles, management framework, decision process. The outcome of our work "transformed how we market and sell" 

• 2 successful hires: 1 salespeople, 1 lead generation person

• More qualified leads created

• Co-founder who manages sales team added 2 salespeople to management responsibilities

• All outbound lead generation efforts focus on core ideal customer profiles

• Metrics inform decisions