The Science of Sales


Nearly all start up and owner operated businesses lack the required sales system to predictably and reliably grow sales.

The ‘art of sales’
Sales is the most intangible work of a company, as a result it’s the hardest part of business to systemize, for most owners a sales system is a mystery.
Without a system, the company relies on the talent of the employee, this is known as the ‘art of sales’.
The art of sales only happens when the employee is working, and is at risk every time the employee leaves the building.
The art of sales can be no bigger than the employee, revenue growth comes one expensive high maintenance salesperson at a time.

The ‘Science of Sales’
Sales is a science because the work of sales can be modeled, measured, replicated, duplicated, repeated and scaled.
The Science of Sales is well known to established, industry leading companies.
When a company uses a sales system built on the Science of Sales, the entire company is focused in the same direction, the sales department is bigger than the salespeople and revenue is more predictable.

iZtek has spent 10 years building a sales system built on the principles of the Science of Sales.
Our focus is on enabling start up and early growth companies, to effective develop and use the Science of Sales to grow their revenue.
We firmly believe America’s future is best based on the success of entrepreneurial companies, the most successful of which will use the Science of Sales.