This why I work every day


Principal, B2B Lead Gen. Fanatic

Per Heistad is the principal of iZtek Marketing, he has Fortune 500 experience in sales team lead generation. For 7 years he was contracted to American Express Financial Advisors where his work improved their sales team prospecting. In the 12 years since Amex he has worked with dozens of early stage companies. Per’s expertise includes value proposition models, target customer profiling, product customer fitness, lead gen. structure and marketing/lead gen./sales team alignment.  

Two key lead gen. lessons from Per’s Amex experiences:

•Lead gen. is a science just as marketing and sales is a science. This science is well understood by $40M tech companies.

•The greatest opportunity to grow revenue is always outside of the company. Internal company improvements are the lowest hanging fruit so those are the first to be made. That leaves the greatest opportunity to grow revenue outside of the company, e.g. better defining the customer’s urgency and value.

When not generating leads, Per is well known for this wood fire cooking skills, his sport is free diving, Haiti is a favorite county to visit and he is hoping to find a lady for whom he can be her trophy husband. 



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