“When you innovate you have to educate"


Most iZtek clients are innovative companies that have created the next generation of product or service.  Simple innovation such as the Post em note is self-evident.  More complex innovation requires educating the prospect before they will purchase.  iZtek’s expertise is on the type of selling that requires educating the prospect.  

Typically the type of company iZtek works with is

  • Owner operated
  • An innovative technology company
  • Product/service is sold via a sales team
  • Sales team is 1-10 salespeople
  • Rapid growth creates problems the owner needs outside help solving

Saas Client

In 2009 a Boston based SaaS company hired iZtek to help develop its sales department.  Once the first 3 steps in the process were developed, the strategic decision was to build out 3 parts of the sales department; sales process, sales team and sales management.  One result of this ongoing work is that reoccurring revenue from new sales has grown every quarter.  This enabled the company to secure its first round of funding with a second round slated for Q1 of 2013.


For 5 years Per was a sponsored speaker for American Express Financial Advisors salespeople on buyer behavior and lead generation.  From this work he was contracted by a home office department (FEPS) to improve their sales results.  Per was tasked with identifying why institutional clients did not engage Amex and why their field force financial advisors didn’t use the (FESP) lead generation tools.  His work helped bring about a new business model, which resulted in a 10 times asset growth for this division.

"As Per and I worked together, it became apparent that he had a skill at uncovering what my business' fundamental issues were and then how to fix them. He forced us to look deeply into the root causes of our situation and then develop solutions to fix the root causes. His insight and guidance spanned the entire spectrum of business functions. However, he was especially skilled at diagnosing people, the business structure and strategies, and how they related to each other. His consulting is still having an impact on my business 1 year after he finished his work."

         - Rusty Field, VP of FEPS, American Express Financial Advisors


In July of 2009 Per was hired by a creative company to help organize how they would structure their business and to develop their Go to Market Strategy.  Once these first 2 steps were complete, the decision was made to develop the firm’s marketing and sales departments.  One outcome of this work is the ESPN documentary Tim Tebow:Everything in Between. www.fctn.tv

"As a start-up, we hired Per to help better define who our potential customers were. Ironically, through his consultation we actually figured out who WE were as a company, and how to apply that to finding our customers. Per was integral in crystallizing, and then helping us focus on, our strengths as a small business. He brings enthusiasm to his work that is like nothing we've ever seen."

          - Tony Smith, General Manager, Fiction Creative, LLC