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Two of Per’s clients profiled in Orlando Business Journal


For 5 years Per was a sponsored speaker for American Express Financial Advisors salespeople on buyer behavior and lead generation.  From this work he was contracted by a home office department (FEPS) to improve their sales results.  Per was tasked with identifying why institutional clients did not engage Amex and why their field force financial advisors didn’t use the (FESP) lead generation tools.  His work helped bring about a new business model, which resulted in a 10 times asset growth for this division.

"As Per and I worked together, it became apparent that he had a skill at uncovering what my business' fundamental issues were and then how to fix them. He forced us to look deeply into the root causes of our situation and then develop solutions to fix the root causes. His insight and guidance spanned the entire spectrum of business functions. However, he was especially skilled at diagnosing people, the business structure and strategies, and how they related to each other. His consulting is still having an impact on my business 1 year after he finished his work."

         - Rusty Field, VP of FEPS, American Express Financial Advisors

Per recommends the following books

  • Major Account Sales Strategy, Neil Rackham; map the buying process

  • No Man’s Land, Doug Tatum; how to build a business that doesn’t require the senior leaders to make every decision

  • The Resilience Factor, Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatte; how to keep your attitude when correcting bad decisions

  • Blueprints for SaaS Sales Organization, Jacco van der Kooij, Fernando Pizarro; how to scale SaaS sales after business is established 

  • Predictable Revenue, Aaron Ross, Mary Lou Tyler, how to manage SaaS sales teams