A business system’s core purpose  

Enable team to work at their best more often

Client meeting: PowerDMS HQ
Craig Petersen, COO + Per Heistad

In this meeting Craig described to Per his method for scaling management. First he Modeled the team’s best day. Then he adjusted the Team to fit the Model. The Plan was then built to work with this team, within this Model.

Model, Team, Plan radically changed how Per viewed the science of management. Previous to this Per had used science, e.g. process, metrics, structure to change the team’s behavior. Craig’s methodology is that science is used to enable the team to work at their best more often. Behavior doesn’t need to be changed to be successful, rather successful behavior needs to be enabled by the business model.

This methodology is fundamentally better at scaling both results and management. Model, Team, Plan makes the current team more successful and enables each person to perform at a higher, more valuable level. The same team creates better results with less management oversight.