POST — Product Market Fit [PMF]

Hitting revenue growth goals most often requires continually improving 4 elements:
•# of leads generated
•Sales team [hire, onboard, manage]
•Continually improving month over month results

The foundation of these 4 elements is how you define — on paper — the customer segment most likely to become dependent on the product

Who your customer is forms the basis for who you hire to sell, how you generate leads, how consistently goals are reached, the messaging that works

Given the importance of your customer segments, it’s prudent to survey customers

Recommended Survey Method

•Phone interviews — 30-60 minutes
•Current, past and potential customers
•3-5 interviews per cohort
[Because the interviews exactly fit the ICP they serve as a proxy for the entire profile, 3-5 are enough to update ICP and run second cohort]
•2-3 cohorts results in improved revenue results

Yes, you can grow revenue without fully understanding your customer, it's just a heck of a lot harder