iZtek is lead by Per Heistad. 

Per Heistad has spent 10 years building sales systems built on the principles of the Science of Revenue, based on his experience with Amex. His focus is on enabling start up and early growth companies, to effectively develop and use the Science of Revenue to grow their reoccurring revenue. Per firmly believes America’s future is best based on the success of entrepreneurial companies, the most successful of which will use the Science of Revenue.

An expert on marketing, lead generation and effective sales strategies Per Heistad brings 20 years of business experience improving revenue for business owners and sales leaders. Credited with a unique talent for understanding the customer’s side of the sales interaction, Heistad creates practical solutions for business to business sales problems. Throughout his career, Per has focused on driving revenue growth via lead generation, critical analysis of the sales process, buyer psychographics, and sales driven marketing tools.

In his spare time, Per volunteers for Haitian missionary organizations, free dives and is a grilling “fire chef” aficionado.