Our Value - Work - Output

iZtek is a tech company focused marketing firm
Our unique value: Growing tech revenue is our proven expertise
With our clients we custom build ‘Lead Generation Playbooks’
Each client’s Playbook enables the internal team to generate more leads from the same work
The Lead Gen. Playbook can be used internally and/or with a digital marketing firm
Most of our clients see a measurable revenue increase in 6 months. After 12 months, a 20-30% increase in YOY revenue is common. 

Lean Startup – Core Principle

Business decisions should be based on an accurate understanding of your customer, i.e. “customer development”

Adoption Curve – Core Principle

Where a customer is on the adoption curve impacts how and why they buy

Lean(er) Marketing – Methodology

How to MKT / Lead Gen. to a B2B customer is impacted by their location on the adoption curve