Consulting Services


1. Solve immediate Marketing and Sales problems
2. Build a sales system based on the Science of Sales

  • Implementation is the key to buying expertise, the best consulting is valuable only when the daily actions improve. 
  • All of Per’s client work is ongoing – so that he can assist with the implementation. 
  • When the client can cancel at any time, most projects continue to their natural conclusion.  
  • Support starts at 2K monthly. 

iZtek Success Story

“10 years — 8 failed sales managers”

That is how the owner of a northeast technology company described his situation in our first call.  Over the last ten years, he had hired and watched fail 8 sales managers.  Revenue was declining, company morale stunk and the salespeople were the laggards that couldn’t find a better job.  iZtek was hired to work with the owner to reverse this decline in revenue.  As we worked through the process of defining and analyzing the company, key shortcomings came to light.  The part of the sales department we focused on was the sales management.  The failures were analyzed for insight as to what type of sales manager would be successful.  From this a new set of criteria was developed to use in hiring the new manager. 

7 months after this work started, a new sales manager had been hired and on the job for 3 months.  A year later the company is on track for a great year.  About the sales manager the owner says, “he’s an 11.”